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Why Should You Work at FGC?

We provide our clients with the FGC guarantee, including a pledged response and lead time for repairs while providing excellent service. We work as a team help our clients in the best way possible. Because of this, we need a strong and helpful team to take on the challenge. Aside from a modern office space and an array of amenities, FGC offers competitive benefits including dental, vision, health, 401K match, and life insurance to ensure our team is as strong as can be. 

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Company Atmosphere 

Facility Gateway curates a clean, modern look in our visual branding. One of our goals is to ensure our office represents those same ideals. An exposed brick interior welcomes you in the foyer of the  building while an accent wall of reclaimed wood adds some charm to our space. The lightly colored, tranquil walls create a sense of peace during any work day. Whether you prefer to sit or stand at your desk, we accommodate your preferences. The desk space for our team members offers half-walls for ease of communicating, yet still offering a strong sense of privacy. All employees are more than willing to help, and their kind-hearted character allows everyone to connect.

Variety of Amenities 

The first floor of the building houses a cafeteria that is meant for our employees to unwind. We truly want our them to relax and recharge their batteries, so we offer a billiards table, a ping-pong table, two vending machines, and many different seating options for their break periods. The second floor of the building is the office space for most of our departments. The lounge on the second floor houses a fridge, toaster oven, microwave, sink, ice maker, two coffee pots, and a flat screen TV. The office is conveniently close to many different restaurants that offer the options for delivery, or if you need a break during your work day, to drive to and get lunch. The office is five minutes off the Beltline, east and west, easing many team members' travelling concerns. 

Competitive Benefits and Work Life Balance

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Facility Gateway strives to offer our team members the best working environment possible, so they feel their best to provide their best service to our clients. So, we offer a variety of benefits in addition to our building's amenities. 


Competitive pay and opportunities to grow provide the groundwork for our team's continued development. We believe that if you exceeds our expectations and excel in your performance, you should be rewarded. Words of affirmation are our strong suit, letting our team members know that their excellent work is appreciated.

Our full-time employees enjoy a variety of benefits. We offer health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance, as well as a 401K retirement program and a flexible account spending program. In addition, we offer paid time off, paid sick days, and paid holidays. Company events are offered monthly to give a little rest and relaxation for our employees, like a Fourth of July barbecue or a Last Day of Summer ice cream social. 


" A wonderful office with wonderful people. Though I didn't know much about the industry when I
started, within a year I felt right at home.

To All Candidates ...

We want to thank you for taking the time to research our company and what we offer to both our team members and our clients. We are always looking to expand our ever-growing team so we can continue to effectively reach our goals of providing the best UPS and battery maintenance services to our clients. Just like we view our relationship with our clients as a partnership, we view our relationship to our team members as a partnership. We want to provide a great working environment to our team members, so they feel their best to provide their best service to our clients. We hope you continue your pursuit at Facility Gateway and look forward to hearing from you!

The signature of our CEO Jason Perry
The signature of our CFO Tyler Marks
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