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Find Your Perfect Fit 

Finding your perfect job can be confusing, so we want to make it as simple as possible at Facility Gateway! See descriptions of our departments below to learn more about where you fit for our team. 


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Contract Sales

The contract sales department focuses on the relationships with the clients and provides client service via sales. The duties of the contract sales department are focused on the prospects of gaining new contract business. This includes cold calling, researching and following through on new business opportunities, attaining volume requirements, and managing relationships with the customers. Other duties of the contract sales department are creating strategic client asset lists for communication, conveying clear and consistent contract-based information, and reviewing final quotes for accuracy.

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Account Management

The account management team is centered around providing the best client service possible. The group produces technology support, Field Service Report analysis, and overall client support for the several types of equipment contracts we provide. The products our account managers provide support for include UPS unit replacements, life cycle studies, battery & capacitor replacements, and emergency service. Our account management team provides generalized support for our customers’ UPS equipment associated with the critical power industry. 

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Operations and Management

If our clients call Facility Gateway with an issue with their services, like a failed UPS, the 24/7/365 service line will try to troubleshoot the issue. If it is determined that a technician needs to visit the client, the scheduling and operations department will begin to organize and dispatch them. The main duties associated with this department are underwriting repair quotes for subcontracted and self-performed services, order processing, scheduling, and project management.


The project management department is responsible for coordinating all quote related activities. The team does so by researching all previous quote histories and using them as a guideline for establishing pricing. In addition to creating quotes for the clients, project managers will interface with representatives and vendors to act as a central contact with the sales management team in price negotiation. This team also serves as the primary point of contact for emergency calls from contracted customers. Lastly, they develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track the progress of the project, doing so by managing changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs.  

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Equipment Management

The equipment managers focus on receiving leads and producing quotes for the equipment. The department locates clients via the web or by calls regarding different types of critical power equipment. The managers then use their knowledge of the industry to recommend and quote out the equipment based on the information gained from the leads, following up with the clients on their quotes in a timely manner. 

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UPS Field Engineer

The field engineers are the technicians Facility Gateway provide to assist our clients. These technicians service, troubleshoot, install, and maintain the UPS systems. The team also provides technical support to clients on operational and maintenance aspects. By performing initial start-ups, semi, and annual preventative maintenance service to clients' equipment, the field engineers can provide 24/7/365 on-call emergency services as required. Our field engineers are located throughout the country and travel to various job site locations to perform equipment maintenance. Our new field engineer positions are located nationwide; check our Indeed listings to see if we are hiring a field engineer near you!

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Warehouse Management

The warehouse prepares orders by processing requests and supply demands. They also pull materials, pack boxes, and place the orders in designated delivery areas. Our warehouse team complies with all essential procedures, rules, and regulations. 


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Software Development

The software development team focuses on the programs and technology here at Facility Gateway through creating the programs our team and  clients use. The department  develops new software and updates to our Asset Management Software Platform, Facility Keys™.

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Marketing Development

The marketing team creates and develops new ways to showcase the information and meet the aesthetic needs of Facility Gateway. The team works on developing advertisements, from script writing to videography, while also developing optimal methods of relaying information efficiently to our audience. 


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Accounting and Legal

The accounting team processes and records financial transactions relating to Facility Gateway. They are responsible for recording and providing summaries for the accounting period of FGC’s operations, financial position, and cash flows. The legal team prepares and organizes various legal documents.  

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Office Management

The office management team oversees the daily operations  of our business. They ensure all maintenance, like housekeeping, ordering supplies, and security activities, are taken care of. In addition, the team finds, screens, recruits, and manages employees. Any work-related concerns our employees have, the office management departmetnt addresses. 

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